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Jim Gilbow is the founder and owner of Gilbow Oilfield Services. Jim started his oilfield career as a rough neck in 1970 after college. In 1972 he had an opportunity to become a mud engineer with IMCO Drilling Fluids. With IMCO, he was the area distribution manager as well as a mud engineer. After IMCO, he had an opportunity to work for Drilling Mud Incorporated as the senior staff engineer, which led him to Mesa Petroleum as the Drilling Forman. Mesa struggled to keep production up so he went back to Drilling Mud Inc. as the senior engineer again. From there he went to Dyna Mud as there senior mud engineer and sales person. After Dyna he decided to open a mud business with a partner and formed G & S Services. G & S Services was a drilling fluid company which lasted a few years. The G & S Services partnership dissolved and Jim started his own mud business with his wife, Jan, and named it Jim Gilbow Incorporated. Jim Gilbow Inc. started in 1998 with just a few employees. Since 1998 Jim has not only expanded Jim Gilbow Inc. but also in 2001 started Gilbow Tank Trucks Services Inc. With the tank trucks in full swing Jim decided to open a water disposal. So in 2005, he opened a water disposal between Forestburg, Tx and Slidell, Tx. Gilbow Oilfield Services now has over sixty employees and is growing with the times. As you can see Jim is a well rounded, diversified business man who is keeping up with the needs and changes of the oilfield service.

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